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Carmel Thompson

The Southern Cross Connection operates within Australia and internationally. With our extensive experience and chain of networks, we can provide a comprehensive range of services to clients interested in entering a new marketplace.

In particular we can undertake research and analysis, conduct feasibility studies, develop business, marketing and financial plans, identify and initiate joint ventures or collaborative partnerships, and assist with the set up of new or expanding businesses.

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Having been a Registered Training Organisation in Australia for 25 years (prior to selling the business last year), we understand what is required in order to conduct a quality training organisation.  We can offer and/or develop training programs that will assist your staff to learn new skills to support the future growth of your organisation.

At The Southern Cross Connection we work with our clients to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their business, to identify opportunities and to evaluate available options. We develop practical strategies with implementation plans to meet the challenges facing the business.

The Southern Cross Connection is dedicated to the development of flexibility, adaptability and efficiency in enterprises. Fundamental to this dedication is the appreciation that people are the most important resource of any organisation.

The Southern Cross Connection works with its clients to identify opportunities and to develop attitudes and skills required to meet the challenge of change. Enterprises are then able to take advantage of opportunities created by change.

Your Helping Hand - For International Clients

Actually doing business is the easy part.

Establishing a business in another country is a daunting task. But if you can find a consultant with a helpful attitude and a wide knowledge of conditions in your chosen country, it can be very different.

Such a consultant is Australian Carmel Thompson, principal of the The Southern Cross Connection (SCC). SCC helps progressive, growth-oriented business owners and decision makers from the US, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific get right down to business in Australia, without wasting time feeling their way. Any entrepreneur can tell you that doing the actual business is the easy part; it's the other challenges - logistics, government regulations, prevailing culture, and so on that get in the way of success.


SCC with its chain of networks in international markets in Australia, paves the way for clients investigating the feasibility studies, ranging from a general overview of prevailing trends in their industry to detailed analyses of industry an market conditions. Once clients decide on Australia, SCC provides other useful services: strategic, business and market planning; assistance with government, bureaucracy and the inevitable red tape; and help with setting up premises, finding and training staff, and actually starting business.


Carmel Thompson has a network of contacts in Australia and around the Pacific Rim. As a result she is often able to introduce clients directly to the people they need to meet. This gets their business moving, saving enormous amounts of time and frustration.

Another talent of Ms Thompson's is the ability to help clients find good local partners. The right joint venture or collaborative partner relationship can be invaluable in a new market.

Ms Thompson has a favourite quote by John F Kennedy: "There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

"At The Southern Cross Connection", she says, "we work with our clients to identify opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, to evaluate options and to develop business strategies to meet new and emerging challenges."

Ms Thompson and the Southern Cross Connection bring to clients:

  • The wisdom, credentials and reputation attained from years of experience as a hands-on company CEO, industry representative, member of government committees and consultant to business.
  • Valuable networking contacts.
  • An impressive understanding of who's who in Australian federal and state governments, business and community;
  • A way of providing clients with an easily-assimilated overview of the prevailing culture; and
  • Up-to-date information on Australian business and social trends.