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The Southern Cross Connection provides advice and services to Registered Training Organisations who wish to either undergo registration and accreditation to offer Nationally Accredited Programs or to extend their scope of registration to other courses and industries.
We assist our clients to update to NVR Standards and conduct annual internal audits of their systems to reassure CEOs that the standards are being maintained.

We can assist you to develop your Training & Assessment Strategies to meet audit requirements.

We can conduct internal audits and oversee your compliance system.


The Southern Cross Connection conducts feasibility studies in Australia and overseas. We have experience in conducting research into the commercial and educational viability of a project, including statistical, demographic, economic and political structure of the target area, primary research in the field, feasibility reports and follow up.


The Southern Cross Connection can analyse an organisation's services or products, operations, strategies, and financial needs and develop appropriate strategies to include in its business plan. We can assist clients with all aspects of business planning.


Strategic Planning is fundamental in identifying what the business does and plans to do in the future, then determining ways to achieve the desired result. Strategic planning seeks out the opportunities available to a business, selects the most appropriate, sets objectives and identifies what is needed, when it is needed and how the objectives will be achieved.
The Southern Cross Connection works with clients to identify opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, to evaluate options and to develop a business strategy to meet new and emerging challenges.


There is no point having an excellent product if you cannot find a market for it! Market planning assists the organisation to decide on strategies which will help the company or business to attain their overall strategic objectives.
The Southern Cross Connection works with its clients to develop a strategy which focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation in order to identify its market niche.


Financial planning is the essence of success. Comprehensive forward planning and cash flow budgeting are an essential part of business strategy.
The Southern Cross Connection works with clients to develop a master budget or profit plan to allow them to predict future capital requirements.


Human resource strategies are an important outcome of strategic planning. They include numbers and types of staff, training plans and performance systems for current operations as well as planned activities or technology. They also cover industrial relations issues such as negotiations for work structures, pay, conditions and other matters.
The Southern Cross Connection works with clients to identify the issues and develop a coherent plan which they can manage from their own resources.


Occupational skills analysis comprises a detailed evaluation of the organisation. The process can also provide an audit of existing skill levels in the business and an indication of what is required for any proposed change in operations or technology.
Occupational skills analysis as undertaken by The Southern Cross Connection is a highly participative process which provides clear insights into the standards existing in the organisation. It can identify areas where improvements need to be made.


New staff, changing needs, structures, job design, management arrangements are among the many reasons training may be required in a business. The Southern Cross Connection identifies training needs arising from performance problems, the introduction of new products or services or from organisational change. We analyse those needs and where appropriate, design competency based training to meet them. Accreditation of training programs and registration as a training provider is also undertaken where required.




The Southern Cross Connection has over 10 years experience in South and East Asia, the Pacific Islands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India and Jamaica. We have strong relationships with overseas agents and business enterprises and can assist clients to make contact with appropriate parties.

The Southern Cross Connection can assist clients with strategic, financial and practical export market planning. We can advise on market conditions and local agents in target countries. We can draw up realistic budgets, make travel bookings and arrange accommodation. We can assist with staff training and arrange for translation and interpreter services.

We can also assist with the development of brochures and promotional materials appropriate for the culture of the country of interest.


The Southern Cross Connection undertakes feasibility studies:

  • on the Australian market for international clients wishing to invest in Australia
  • on international markets for Australian and international clients


The Southern Cross Connection can introduce you to clients in Australia and the Pacific Rim with whom you can partner or joint venture in training ventu;res.